The problem is that my subconscious refuses to accept what my mind already acknowledge: we are not as close as my delusions would want me to keep believing.

The second problem is that my subconscious was the one who alerted me to that fact years ago, I just didn’t want to accept it. Now it bombards me with dreams, which would have thrilled me in the past, but today it just annoyed me to no end.

Sometimes, the worst enemy you can have is your own brain.


After a long time not accepting money for a blog post, I caved and did one. I am reminded how easy it is to earn money in this industry at the right time.

I procrastinated all weekend, agonizing how to write the article. I was given free reign — just add the specific keyword and link. In the end, I did what came easiest: write my thoughts on being in between trips.

It sounds natural and personal. Not hardsell at all. I’m torn between feeling iffy about this (though I do have a prominent disclaimer at the top), and amazed at how relatively easy it was to earn that amount.

I read somewhere that sometimes you have to do things that you don’t like to earn money, yet it’s also not good to continue being miserable doing a job you hate. Is one exclusive to the other or is it possible to strike a balance?


It’s interesting how I managed to write here everyday for three weeks now, yet have not started on my other blog’s backlog. I guess it helps greatly that I don’t have to edit photos, or research.

All that, yet here I am accepting new opportunities.


Nothing can make me move faster than a deadline. Unfortunately, even if I know that it’s better to do things ASAP, I have a problem putting it into practice, and let myself get distracted by a million other things.

Living on a prayer

As much as I love music, I’m not one for concerts. I dislike the long queues, dislike being in the middle of a huge crowd of people. I have to admit that I like the energy of being with people who share the same passion for the artists though, and being one with everybody as you sing and dance to each song.

The last concert I’ve been to was years ago — 2008, I think. It was the Eraserhead’s first reunion concert.