Changing tides

The year 2017 was a struggle. Not that life was particularly hard, but I found it hard to be motivated or determined to do anything. I literally just let the time pass me by.

I started 2018 with a cautious optimism — still afraid to make big pronouncements in fear of failing spectacularly, but determined to at least do something. I am starting a business, and since I am not quitting my job, I can afford to take it slow. Afterall, what’s most important to me was the official documents that state I am a legitimate business owner for visa application purposes.

I have been slowly telling friends about it, which was rather out of character for me, as I am still quite private. Out of the blue, and acquaintance contacted me about the province, and I offered my services. It’s a challenge, and I found myself promising things that aren’t there yet, but instead of folding and referring other companies that have more experience, I found myself accepting the challenge. The voice at the back of my head that used to whisper not to give up is steadily firming up and is growing stronger.

There’s still hope for me yet, it seems.

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