Safe space

…and just like that, my sanctuary was invaded.

Like most people nowadays, I have my preferred social network. While I still use Facebook for work, no personal posts from the 13 people I am friend with appear in my feed. I also use Twitter, but it is also heavily filtered. My Viber is mostly family and close friends.

The social network I really love is Plurk. Though it’s mostly dead, with many of my contacts opting to stick to Facebook and Twitter, I like it because it’s already filtered. The ones left are those who savor the peace and quiet as much as I do.

But it seems that the political discussions are not just limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Viber anymore. It’s now in Plurk, too. For most part, I don’t mind, because it lets you see other people’s perspective. However, when it devolves to people pointing out how right they are and how stupid everybody else for not sharing their views, it goes nowhere and it repeats every time a news report comes out.

At this point, I can’t help but feel people are almost wishing for the president to fail, just so they can say that they were right. Please don’t wish that — if he fails, we all lose.

4 thoughts on “Safe space

    • Yes! Plurk is very much alive! So many people have left, but that just filtered my timeline a whole lot more XD

      I love Instagram, but I do have that one person who have a bad habit of posting quotations. Like it’s Facebook.

    • Speaking of safe spaces… I was relaxing earlier at the hot springs in New Zealand, when this American lady engaged a Kiwi guy into a conversation about US politics. Hangang dito ba naman?!

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